Shooter Literary Magazine

My lifelong love of literary writing and experience in journalism intertwined in 2014 when I devised Shooter Literary Magazine, a biannual print journal dedicated to showcasing short fiction, non-fiction and poetry by emerging writers from anywhere in the world.

While the US enjoys a rich tradition of literary journals, after moving back to London in 2011 I felt there was room for more in the UK. There are attractive literary magazines out there but most either favour well established writers or incline to academic, esoteric or genre fare. Also – and this is true anywhere – very few journals pay their contributors, which undermines the value of the very content they are publishing.

I wanted to promote entertaining, well written work that any keen reader would enjoy, and to set a precedent that good writing deserves financial reward. In a world where quantity is replacing quality and content obscuring craft, our cultural landscape depends on elevating writers who are worthy of notice, and at no point does this matter more than at the outset of a writer’s career.

To begin with, Shooter will publish twice a year, in January and July. Each issue will be themed; the first issue’s “Pulling the Trigger” theme drew stories about war and hunting, troubled marriages and romantic dilemmas, difficult decisions and pivotal moments. It will be released in January 2015 and subscriptions are available through the website,

Shooter is also on Facebook and Twitter.